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Travelling with us is an emotion

Betania Travel is one of the souls of Betania Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, which has been active for over twenty years in Monza with the aim of fostering the inclusion and participation of everyone in the social, working and cultural life of our territory.

An objective that is reflected in our activities in the tourism sector: Betania Travel, in fact, is a travel agency and tour operator with a well-defined identity, based on fundamental values:

  • Sustainability
    In our tourism proposals we enhance the area and pay the utmost attention to the host community, ensuring the right balance between discovering the authentic soul of the place and protecting its tranquillity and rhythms.
  • Community
    For us, the community is not just a collection of people who relate to each other, but a group of actors who are the protagonists of the territory: in the experiences we promote, therefore, we always try to involve the population and local administrations.
  • Hospitality, for all
    For us, there is no tourism without inclusiveness, accessibility and valuing differences: all our proposals are designed to ensure a complete and meaningful experience for as many people as possible.
  • Experience
    Every destination has a complex and deep soul, made up of places, traditions, people and encounters. Travellers who choose Betania Travel become ‘temporary residents’ of that destination, discover it, learn about it, meet its protagonists, experience it.
  • Sociality
    With Bethany Travel the journey does not end when you return home. In fact, it has just begun. With our tourism proposals, we want to arouse new questions among travellers, the fertile curiosity to discover a territory even more deeply, and to know themselves better through each experience.

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Responsible tourism

Betania Viaggi is a member of AITR, the Italian Association of Responsible Tourism which, inspired by the principles of democracy and ethics, promotes initiatives of solidarity and support for responsible, sustainable and ethical tourism.

The aim is to raise the consciousness and personal growth of citizens, for the promotion of solidarity-based lifestyles and consumption behaviour.

A tailor-made journey

Betania Viaggi suggests destinations and itineraries, leaving maximum room for discussion with the tourist for the final definition of the trip: we thus create unique, original and customised experiences.

We do not have a catalogue of predefined tours, but proposals that are developed and tailored to the wishes and needs of the customer.

Just as the interaction between the tourist and the host community is important, so too is the relationship between the agency and the customer, so that they can have their tailor-made trip.

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